Monday, November 25, 2019

Mind - our individual signature

The Transcendors spoke of the “fingerprint of the soul” … sort of like a vibration.  This was how we as entities recognize each other in our various incarnations and Cosmic explorations.  Ramtha’s description is basically the same idea, but with a little more structure.

“We unfold here in every one of these realms and planes with an individual signature, and that individual signature is our mind. We have brought the capacity of that with us, as we are about to learn.  I am not speaking yet of your thinking brain.  I am not speaking yet casually of the memories you have stored in that brain.  I am speaking of the descending mind of primary and secondary consciousness – secondary doing the descent – that will always be you.  No matter what body you are in, no matter if you die and you are caught back up in infrared, it will always be you.  You are never lost to God and you can never be destroyed.  So, what composes descending mind?  God, secondary consciousness, the achievements of life taken from each level, each river of consciousness that life is now given.  As the expansion occurs, the life is held together because of the mind of the descending entity.”
(Ramtha:  Parallel Lifetimes, Fluctuations in the Quantum Field)

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