Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Elias on Employment as a Game, not Work

 Here are some Elias comments on dealing with “work” … but these comments could apply to any situation.


Elias on Employment as a Game, not Work

ELIAS: First of all, my friend, let me express to you, this is another exampleof associations being different from what may actually be occurring. In this, you incorporate an action that you identify or define as a job. And in that, in your job you define what you do as work. That creates an automatic association, and part of that association is the expectation that there are elements of work that are uncomfortable or that you must merely struggle through, for that is work. Therefore, it may be helpful for you to redefine your work, and rather than generating the association as work to allow yourself to play a game, and when you engage your employment, approach the situation as an enormous game. Every individual that you encounter is a game piece, and every element that you encounter or interact with, such as computers, are also game pieces. This will be affecting of your perception. 

Now; in association with moments in which you generate this feeling that you do not wish to be participating in that moment, you ARE offering yourself a communication. I would express that you would offer yourself that communication much less if you are engaging your employment as a game rather than work; but when you generate that expression to yourself, that feeling, offer yourself permission to respond to it. Not in a manner of black and white, of “I wish not to be here” and therefore you merely leave and it is either a situation in which you participate with your employment or you do not, you either continue and force yourself through your day to continue or you remove yourself entirely. No, acknowledge that communication, that feeling, and allow yourself permission to respond to it. And perhaps you may choose to distract yourself and engage some other activity in some other location for an hour, or perhaps even a few minutes will be sufficient. It is dependent upon how that communication continue— but it is a matter of listening. 

The reason that that communication repeats and becomes stronger is that you override it. You hear it (Anon laughs), but you ignore it and you force energy in opposition to it. Whereas, if you are acknowledging yourself and offering yourself permission to act in conjunction with what you are communicating to yourself, once again it dissipates, for you are acknowledging and you are not generating an opposing energy.

When you generate opposing energies, you emphasize whatever you areexpressing to yourself and you reinforce that energy, and it becomes stronger AND it becomes more important. Importance is not necessarily associated with positive or comfort. Many times you place importance upon what you dislike. And the more important it becomes, the more you pay attention to it. And the more you pay attention to it, the more you reinforce it. Therefore, it you dislike some expression and you continue to oppose it, you offer it more and more importance.

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