Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Be the alchemist

This is extracted from the WingMakers material:

Be the Alchemist

Mark: You’ve said before that what holds true for the Big Picture, holds true for the small picture, in other words, as above so below. Can you speak to that?

James: I’ll give you an example. This is related to the crutches or devices that people rely upon — these are like our personal saviours. We need a device to synchronize our brainwaves, or … or we need special diets or teachers to guide us. Or I must read this or that book to fully understand my soul. No, 

I’ll tell you right now, “no” we don’t. We need to practice the virtues of the heart, and we need to form a partnership with the universe. We do these things without condition. Without seeing results as we define results. We live in balance and in oneness. We develop our ability to orchestrate the virtues of the heart, but more than anything, it comes down to us. To our commitment to practice - our commitment to apply these unconditionally, and not simply talk about them.

For example, let’s say you found a device that synchronized your brain waves. You felt wonderful; you experienced a higher dimension or alternative consciousness. In the back of your mind — after the experience — you realize it’s an unnatural occurrence. It was not generated solely from your efforts. It was not your creation. It was a device. Or, let’s say you could take a pill and it would provide you with ESP or a god experience or a talk with an ET. What does this really do for you?

The long path — the path that’s founded in Source Intelligence, isn’t about saviours. It is about self-responsibility and activation. It is about learning to receive and transmit the ultra-fine frequencies of love in your moment to the best of your abilities, even when you judge yourself a failure, you practice forgiveness and understanding. Do you have the flashy experiences? Maybe not. But I would much rather be an alchemist than an explorer.

Mark: What do mean an alchemist?

James: If your human instrument is fear-based, locked in the rigidity of the left, reptilian brain, you’re more likely to broadcast fear, insecurity and depression — for example. These emotions are a form of energy and, like all energy, they are conserved. In a sense, energy is never created, it is transformed or recycled. I can take energy that is dense and closed, and I can transform it to an energy that is opening to the frequency of love. I can be an alchemist of energy, and instead of trying to turn iron into gold, I turn anger into kindness … or depression into interconnection … or indifference into compassion.

Energy then informs matter. Energy is many things by human standards … it can be physical energy used to produce something like work or to play a sport. It can be emotional energy that deals with love or anger. It can be a mental energy that helps us solve a problem or capitalize on an opportunity. It can be spiritual energy that activates and sustains our interest in the culture of soul.

These different types of energies have different frequencies. Some are condensed energies that are heavy — in a sense. Some are light. We’ve all felt these different energetic fields in rooms or public spaces or … or nature, and we’ve all felt them within ourselves. Sometimes we’re buoyant and joyful, and the energy — at least emotionally — is light and easy. Other times we’re heavy with disappointment or fear or frustration. We feel these energies. They’re not abstractions to us … or words on paper. They have a visceral reality in our local universe.


Being an alchemist is being able to transform energy. To shift energy. Not to let densities build up and calcify, because these are the things that weigh us down, and make our abilities to be alchemists for ourselves and others more difficult.

Explorers, on the other hand, like to acquire information, knowledge, data, and of course, experiences. This can be wonderful, so I’m not saying this is good or bad, merely that it’s a different path. They are seekers. They seek knowledge so they can experience a state that’s closer to truth … closer to wisdom. This world seems to hide truth so well, many people feel it’s vital that they put a lot of energy into this endeavour; otherwise, truth will slip away from them. I refer to these seekers as explorers. However, behind this acquisition of knowledge gnaws the question: is this really why I came here … why I incarnated? To acquire knowledge? Especially, as I mentioned before, when the knowledge is often contradictory or lacks any grounding in fact or proof.

For some, the answer is “yes.” For many, though, the answer is that they came to be alchemists. They came to experience the transformation of energies. They incarnated to become a receiver and transmitter of these higher energies, and to go about this consciously, courageously … and most important, unconditionally — to their best ability in the moment.

As you can imagine, these are not exclusive paths by any means. People can do both, and very often, the seeker-explorer becomes primarily an alchemist in the latter part of their life. The explorer fills up on all of the various paths, and ultimately realizes that they’re all tributaries to the long path, and the real reason to be alive is to demonstrate the example of an alchemist. Again, it’s all ratios, there’s never a 100% one or the other.

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