Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Spontaneous order

Apparently, after we die and gather round the “spiritual bar” in the afterlife (as the Transcendors would say) it’s a really joyous affair.  We finally see the big picture, the missed and fumbled opportunities, the love we felt and we also dream future lives … all in the spirit of playful exuberance!  

I can just imagine how funny it must be to finally recognize the playful nudges and hints from our non3D and Higher Self … these components of our greater Self are  expressions of pure joyful creativity of All That Is.  

In looking back at my life, I’m pretty sure I’ve provided my greater self with lots of entertainment!

“It is instead, of course, quite possible that your predictable world exists not in spite of but because of those surprising, unpredictable, unofficial occurrences.  There is a kind of larger spontaneous order of which the seemingly unpredictable elements of your world provide their own clues.
“By taking notice of seemingly unpredictable events, by changing your focus, you can indeed begin to sense the larger patterns of such a reality. And that reality leaves many traces in your own experience.  It everywhere provides hints and clues as to its own actuality and your own participation in varying fields of expression that have not been given any official recognition.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 937)

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