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“Death” Conditions In Life (3)

Seth Speaks, Session 540

“Death” Conditions In Life (3)

Such other existences and realities as just described coexist with your own, and in the waking state you are not aware of them.  Now, often in your dreams you are able to perceive such other situations, but you often wind them into dream paraphernalia of your own, in which case upon awakening you have little clear memory.

In the same way in the midst of life, you dwell with so-called ghosts and apparitions, and for that matter you yourselves appear as apparitions to others, particularly when you send strong thought-forms of yourself from the sleep state, or even when unconsciously you travel out of your physical body.

There are obviously as many kinds of ghosts and apparitions as there are people.  They are as alert or as unalert to their situation as you are to your own.  They are not fully focused in physical reality, however, either in personality or in form, and this is their main distinction.  Some apparitions are thought-forms sent by survival personalities out of lingering deep anxiety.  They portray the same compulsive-type behavior that can be seen in many instances in ordinary experience.

The same mechanism that causes a disturbed woman, say, to perform repetitive action such as a constant washing and rewashing of hands, also causes a particular kind of apparition to return time and time again to one place.  In such cases the behavior is often composed of repetitive action.

For various reasons, such a personality has not learned to assimilate its own experience.  The characteristics of such apparitions follow those of a disturbed personality – with some exceptions, however.  The whole consciousness is not present.  The personality itself seems to be having a nightmare, or a series of recurring dreams, during which it returns to the physical environment.  The personality itself is “safe and sound”, but certain portions of it work out unresolved problems, and discharge energy in such a fashion.

They are in themselves quite harmless.  Only your interpretation of their actions can cause difficulties.  Now in the middle of life, of life conditions, you also appear on occasion as ghosts in other levels of reality, where your “pseudoappearance” causes some comment and is the ground for many myths – and you are not even aware of this.

Now I am speaking generally.  Again, there are exceptions where memory is retained, but as a rule ghosts and apparitions are not any more aware of their effect upon others than you are when you appear quite unconsciously as ghosts in worlds that would be quite strange to you.

The combination of thought, emotion, and desire creates form, possesses energy, and is made of energy.  It will show itself in as many ways as possible.  You only recognize the physical materializations, but as mentioned earlier in this book, you send out pseudoforms of yourself out from yourself of which you are not aware; and this is completely aside from the existence of astral travel or projection, which is a much more complicated affair.

You appear in astral form in realities that are comparatively more advanced than your own.  You are usually recognized because of your disorientation.  You do not know how to manipulate.  You do not know the customs.  But whether you have a physical form or not, if you have emotions or feelings, these will take form.  They have a reality.  If you think strongly of an object, somewhere it will appear.

If you think strongly of being in another location, a pseudoimage of yourself will be projected out from you to that place, whether or not it is perceived and whether or not you yourself are conscious of it, or conscious in it.  This applies both to those who have left your physical system and to those who are in it.

All of these forms are called secondary constructions, for as a rule full consciousness of the personality is not in them.  They are automatic projections.

Now, in primary constructions, a consciousness, usually fully aware and alert, adopts a form – not his “native” one – and consciously projects it, often into another level of reality.  Even this is a rather complicated endeavor, and one seldom used for purposes of communication.

There are other much easier methods.  I have explained to some degree the way images are constructed out of an available field of energy.  You perceive only your own constructions.  If a “ghost” want to contact you therefore, he can do so through telepathy, and you can yourself construct the corresponding image if you desire.  Or the individual might send you a thought-form at the same time that he telepathically communicates with you.  Your rooms are full now of thought-forms that you do not perceive, and again, you are as much a ghostly phenomenon now as you will be after death.  You are simply not aware of the fact.

You ignore certain temperature variations and stirrings of air as imagination, that are instead indicative of such thought-forms.  You thrust into the background telepathic communications that often accompany such forms, and you turn aside from all clues that other realities exist quite validly with your own, and that in the midst of one existence you are surrounded by intangible but valid evidence.  The very words “life” and “death” serve to limit your understanding, to set up barriers where none intrinsically exist.

Some dead friends and relatives do visit you, projecting from their own level of reality into yours, but you cannot as a rule perceive their forms.  They are not more ghostly, or “dead”, however, than you are when you project into their reality – as you do, from the sleep state.

As a rule, however, they can perceive you on those occasions.  What you often forget is that such individuals are in various stages of development.  Some have stronger connections to the physical system than others.  The length of time an individual has been dead in your terms has little to do with whether or not you will be so visited, but rather the intensity of the relationship.

As mentioned earlier, however, in the sleep state you may help recently dead persons, complete strangers, to acclimate to after-death conditions, even though this knowledge is not available to you in the morning.  So others, strangers, may communicate with you when you are sleeping, and even guide you through various periods of your life.

It is not a simple matter to explain life conditions as you know them, so it is extremely difficult to discuss the complexities of which you are not aware.

The main point I want to make in this chapter is that you are already familiar with all conditions you will meet after death, and you can become consciously aware of these to some extent.

After-Death Choices And The Mechanics Of Transition

There are unlimited varieties of experience open to you after death, all possible, but some less probable than others, according to your development.  Very generally now, there are three main areas, though exceptions and extraordinary cases can take other roads.

You may decide upon another reincarnation.  You may decide to focus instead upon your past life, using it as the stuff of new experience, as mentioned previously creating variations of events as you have known them, making corrections as you choose.  Or you may enter another system of probability entirely; and this is quite apart from a reincarnational existence.  You will be leaving all thoughts of continuity of time behind you in such a case.

Now some individuals, some personalities, prefer a life organization bound about past, present, and future in a seemingly logical structure, and these persons usually choose reincarnation.  Others naively prefer to experience events in an extraordinarily intuitive manner, with the organization being provided by the associative processes.  These will choose a system of probabilities for their next main endeavor.

Some simply find the physical system not to their liking, and in such a way take leave of it.  This cannot be done, however, until the reincarnational cycle, once chosen, is completed, so the last choice exists for those who have developed their abilities through reincarnation as far as possible within that system.

Some, finished with reincarnation, may choose to reenter the cycle acting as teachers, and in such cases some recognition of higher identity is always present.  Now there is an in-between stage of relative indecision, a midplane of existence; a rest area, comparatively speaking, and it is from this area that most communication from relatives occurs.  This is usually the level that is visited by the living in projections from the dream state.

Before the time of choosing, however, there is a period of self-examination, and your full “history” becomes available to you.  You understand the nature of the entity, and you are advised by other portions of that entity, more “advanced” than yourself.

You will become aware of your other reincarnational selves, for example.  There will be emotional ties with other personalities whom you have known in past lives, and some of these may supersede your relationships in the immediately past life.  This is a meeting place for individuals from your own system also, however.

All necessary explanations are given to those who are disoriented.  Those who do not realize that they are dead are here told of their true condition, and all efforts are made to refresh the energies and spirits.  It is a time of study and comprehension.  It is from this area that some disturbed personalities have those dreams of returning to the physical environment.

It is a place of commerce between systems, so to speak.  Conditions and development are important, rather than the length an individual stays in this area.  It is an intermediary step, but an important one.  In your dreams you have been there.

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